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Lifts Slewing Bearing

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A slewing ring or slewing ring is a rotary rolling bearing, usually bearing a heavy but slowly rotating or slowly swinging load, usually a horizontal platform, such as a conventional crane, swing winch, or windward crane.The platform of a horizontal axis windmill.Rotary bearings have a thinner cross section than other rolling bearings and are usually one meter or more in diameter.Lifts Slewing Bearing on the falkirk wheel is 4 meters in diameter and is mounted on a 3.5 meter axle.Slewing bearings usually use two rows of rolling elements.

Ce Mark Se14 High Load Hydraulic Slew Drive

Se14 1 pcs

Slewing Drive with Electric Motor for Robotics Se12/Se17/Se21

Se12/Se17/Se21 1 pcs

Ladle Turret Slewing Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

Hot Sale10 Ton Truck Crane Mounted Crane

Sale10 1 pcs

Slewing Ring Bearing for Ladle Turret 131.45.2000

131.45.2000 1 pcs

Light Type Slewing Bearing Wd-060.20.1094

Wd-060.20.1094 1 pcs

Hydraulic Lifting Hoisting Equipment CQUY1500 Crawler Crane

CQUY1500 1 pcs

Knuckle Boom Ship Deck Crane Use on Shipboard

1 pcs Negotiable

Mounted Thrust Bearing with Big Size

1 pcs Negotiable

OEM Service Turret Big Bearing for Cranes and Lifts

1 pcs Negotiable