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Double Row Slewing Bearing

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Double-row ball slewing bearing can carry axial load, tilting moment and radial loads at the same time. The top ball mainly carries the axial load and positive tilting moment. The drop ball takes the opposite tilting moment. This is the reason for the loading capacity of the double row ball slewing bearing being larger than the four-point contact ball slewing bearing; however, the frictional ratio is much larger. than the latter.double row ball slewing bearing consists of a inner ring, outer ring, balls in double rows, spacers, sealing device, and other components. Due to the top ball mainly taking the axial load and tilting moment loads, the size of top balls are larger than the drop ball. In order to accommodate the various working condition at different axial load, tilting moments and axial load, the angle of contact would be adjusted accordingly. The rings structure can be divided into two types, integral type and split type. Generally, the integral type maintains a stronger rigidity. The split type is more convenient to adjust; the two segregate rings are fastened by bolts prior to delivery.

Sirca Double-Row Ball Slewing Bearings (2ID. 106.00)

(2ID. 1 pcs

062.25.1255.575.11.1403 High Precision Small Slewing Bearing for Robotic Arms

062.25.1255.575.11.1403 1 pcs

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

1 pcs Negotiable

Cross Roller Rotary Disc Alloy Slewing Bearing

1 pcs Negotiable

High Load Capacity Swing Gear 924 Slew Ring Swing Bearing for Crawler Crane

924 1 pcs

121.32.4250.990.41.1502 Slewing Drive Bearing for Heavy Pallet Transporter

121.32.4250.990.41.1502 1 pcs

Double-Row Ball Slewing Ring/Slewing Bearing

1 pcs Negotiable

Double Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearing 021.50.2800

021.50.2800 1 pcs

(E. 1200.2.25.00. D. 1) Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing

1200.2.25.00. 1 pcs

121.32.4000.990.41.1502double Row Axial/Ball Combination Slewing Bearing

INA 121.32.4000.990.41.1502double
1 pcs Negotiable

HD450-5 Slewing Bearing for Excavator Kato

HD450-5 1 pcs