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RKS Bearing

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RKS series slewing ring bearings provide a wide variety of solutions for applications where a large diameter and lighter weight are key. RKS series slewing rings have a flanged cross-section on one or both rings that reduces weight and provides the equipment designer with unique flexibility, accommodating various configurations of adjacent mounting structures and bolting arrangements.RKS series slewing bearings are offered in nongeared, internally geared, and externally geared configurations for maximum design flexibility. The gears are involute stub designs with 20° pressure angles, manufactured to AGMA Class Q5 quality and 0.005 to 0.015 inches allowance for backlash. RKS series turntable bearings range in size from 20–47 inches OD (500–1200 mm OD).

Rks. 212140106001 High Speed Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing

212140106001 1 pcs

Rks. 23 0541 Slewing Bearing for Wind Mills

23 1 pcs

Rks. 921150303001crossed Roller Slewing Bearing for Construction Machinery

921150303001crossed 1 pcs

Flanged SKF Slewing Bearings Without Gear (RKS. 23 0411)

SKF 23
1 pcs Negotiable

RKS Turntable Bearing (HJ series)

1 pcs Negotiable

Rks. 23 0641high Precision Machinery Components Hitachi Excavator Slewing Bearing

Hitachi 23
1 pcs Negotiable

Rks 211430101001 Metallurgical Machinery Slewing Bearing Wind Turbines

211430101001 1 pcs

Rks. 122290101002crossed Roller Slewing Bearing for Transport Machinery

122290101002crossed 1 pcs

Rks. 21 1091 L Shaped Slewing Bearing

21 1 pcs

Rks. 060.20.0844 Truck Tower Gantry Crane Use Slewing Bearing

060.20.0844 1 pcs

Slewing Bearing

1 pcs Negotiable

Rks. 211440101001 Tadano Super Slew Bearing for Tadano Crane

211440101001 1 pcs